Gentle Whisper

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Gentle Whisper: His Presence

One of the most important matters, tertiary to New Year’s Repentance and Resolution, is Remembering - being deliberately reminding oneself of man’s chief and highest end is that to glorify and enjoy God to its fullest (Westminster Catechism). It is a discipline of reminding the self everyday that In Him “we move, and live and have our being.” In other words, for the duration of year 2017, the consciousness of God’s people should be on that “lingering Presence”....

Gentle Whisper: Can’t See Help

In times of uncertainty we tend to get wrapped up in our own trouble and indulge in self-pity rather than open heartedness.

Advent call us “to see closely and put one’s own life in perspective.” There are times that “we can’t see that help is there, because of our self-pity, or genuine pain or even anger at others’ lack of sensitivity or refusal to share their gifts with us in obvious need.”