Charter Day change is putting the record straight

This is history and a public record that the charter of Bacolod as a City was signed by the late commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon in June 18, 1938, and was only inaugurated in October 19, 1938. Since we have been celebrating for 79 years already the charter day every October 19 of the year, we have to put the record straight, because it is just like your birthday and your baptism. If you celebrate your baptism on October 19 but your birthday is June 18, then that is out of context. The accusation of the former mayor that the move is slapping the former mayors, that is only a diversionary tactic because it is on record that it was signed into law, June 18.

Leonardia also quoted Cong. Greg Gasataya’s statement that “no less than former President and now Pampanga Congressman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who moved in the hearing committee the change of date of Bacolod charter Day celebration from October 19 to June 18, based on the charter law of Bacolod City. This is just similar to the change of the Philippines Independence Day from July 4 to June 12, which was also authored by the late Pres. Diosdado Macapagal when he was congressman in the late ’50s.

Leonardia likewise assured the Bacolodnons that the change of charter date from October 19 to June 18 will not affect the MassKara festival celebration because it is a permanent institution in Bacolod City. MassKara festival will go on with or without charter day celebration, Leonardia pointed out.*(EDITH B. COLMO)



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