Being single is not a defect

By Kristine G. Alonso

There has been a viral article circulating on social media saying that being single is a disability. Although unproven, it has struck debate among people who are happily single and those who are desperate for a relationship.

Some took it as a pressure to hold while others disputed upon the irrationality. Nonetheless, the bottom line here is for a person to find a partner he or she can potentially spend the rest of life with.

There are a lot of perks being in a relationship, and mostly, you get a dose of that “love drug” which keeps you more inspired and motivated at life.

But let us focus on the underrated side of Love. This is the kind of love wherein you need not depend on anyone for it- because you work it for your own.

According to the Huffington’s Post, a reliable social media blog site, being single is not bad after all. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself. This opens the privilege for a person to be prepared when the “right one” comes.

If you are mature enough to perceive singlehood as a blessing in disguise, it will allow you to reflect upon your past decisions and even give you the leverage to fully heal from past lovers.

Most people take this for granted, but healing is very important before stepping inside a new relationship.

Being single allows you to nurture yourself and gives you the time to really know what you want and need in a partner. It gives you time to enjoy things on your own, but most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to love and enjoy yourself.

Desperate men and women in love has one thing in common- they are not comfortable being alone. Being alone may invite loneliness. But it can also hone your mental strength and the depth of your character. In solitude, if used well, gives you a higher possibility of perceiving love and life the healthier way.

Before indulging into a hasty relationship, much worst, a forced relationship, encourage yourself to try enjoying life without relying on other people for your happiness.

Being single can allow you to take care of yourself and try harder socially, not to mention that your friends stay longer. It allows you to nourish friendships and family relationships. It teaches you independence and lets you discover your sense of individuality. It also makes you stay out of debt! Honestly, being single is the best time to save as much as you can and invest in things that can improve and let you grow wholly.

So if you rush at love, why not rush at life. Love comes when you are ready. It will sort itself out in the end. The best way to live life while waiting is to be in great relationships with your loved ones and your support system. There is always a reason why some had love first while others had it last. The world is your oyster especially when you are single. And the best person you should always love and take care of is You.*