Dissenting View By Patrick Jay Pangilinan » Expectation vs. Reality

C. S. Lewis was recently quoted in a motivational radio talk show to the effect that, "love shouldn't just be an affectionate feeling, but, rather an active attitude to help the loved person reach his or her ultimate potential."

That definition supposedly came from one of the greatest minds in the realm of science fiction, philosophy and mathematics. Quite stoic, ain't it? So for those of you who might be feeling cheesy by virtue of that line, please, sober up -- you're inviting me to feel a bit cheesy, too.

For the purposes of this piece, however, that definition should be close read by the country's telecommunications executives, preferably as they sip their morning coffee, juice or tea and as they peruse the upward and downward arrows of the day's PSE, NIKKEI, or NYSE indexes. Yeah, the segue is a bit of a stretch but bear with me.

Lately, the country's telcos have been announcing here and there that a bundle of improvements are coming our way, in the heels of the announcement from the republic's highest elected leader that another player will be entering the industry soonest. Take a stroll in your favorite mall and chances are, you'd see people signing up for locked-in plans or other promos designed to keep the market from being available to other communications firms.

But, hey, haven't we been expecting those improvements since the cellular phone was introduced to the Filipinos between the 90's and the start of the new millennium? I could still recall praying and hoping for the network connection or signal to improve as I searched for elevated areas in our neighborhood just to make sure that my text messages would be sent on time or risk the consequences of you know, whatever a fifteen-year-old felt to be consequential back then.

However, folks, the reality is that as you are reading this piece, there's a a degree of probability that you could fill a short sized bond paper or a Post-It with at least a half dozen instances when the supposed improved connectivity have brought you some form of headaches, and/or heartaches. So, please, telcos, don't just tell your subscribers that you love them through quirky advertisements or cutesy endorsers. Help them reach their ultimate potential by welcoming new service providers vis-a-vis stricter government regulations so that the coming generations of fifteen-year-olds and young at heart mobile phone users like yours truly could finally say that yes, expectation at times, does hold hands with reality.


Still on the forever tug-of-war between expectation and reality, most, if not all of us, have expected that the TRAIN Law would somehow make our respective wallets (though I don't have one) a tad bulkier insofar as paper legal tender is concerned. But lo and behold: the plain and simple reality of retail sales is that the everyday consumer shall pay the difference between and among the collective mark ups of the various characters in the supply chain of commodities.

What's left for us to do then? Que se ra, se ra.*