Bacolod transport groups want P8 minimum fare

Bacolod City Councilor Dindo Ramos, chairman of the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) transportation committee, has endorsed to the SP the petition of two transport groups in the city for a fare increase.

The joint letter of Jessie A. Ortega, Secretary General of SSTONE, and Elizabeth Katalbas, President of FEBACDA, soliciting support in their joint effort to seek approval LTFRB approval for PUJ fare rate increase from P7 to P 8 for the first kilometers, was acknowledged for inclusion in the agenda of the next SP session.

Ortega and Katalbas sent the letter on February 2, 2018 to SP members through Ramos, “to solicit your support in our joint effort to seek approval from LTFRB to amend its recommendation to increase the PUJ fare rate from P7.”

The letter also stated, “We have argued that the P8 fare rate is the most applicable and mutually appropriate for both passengers and drivers/operators.

We have defended this position by letters and verbal arguments with the LTFRB regional officers but we have not received any specific response up to this point in time. Our first letter request was filed last March 20, 2017. This was followed by a letter that reiterated our position and request last Nov. 16, 2017. Nothing official or specific has come from LTFRB yet and our members are quite restive over the inaction of the LTFRB Regional Office.”

“We argue that during our recent dialogues and conferences, there is a commonality on the part of our drivers to agree on the P1 increase from the present rate, and that our passengers who were consulted about the impending rate increase have mostly expressed acquiescence or approval,” they also stated in their letter.

The fuel rate increases that have bombarded us with its upward spiral is too much to bear. It has also touched the very core that triggered increases in cost of prime commodities, food, medicines, etc. We are coming to you therefore, with the foreknowledge that our honorable members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod are all aware of the impact of these economic phenomenon, that can also be a fuse that might trigger some social problems if nothing is done to check the continuing negative effects of the fuel rate increases, the letter added.

With this in mind, and putting a closure on the long standing inaction of the LTFRB, may we appeal to you for help by way of an invitation for the Regional Director of LTFRB to officially act on our petition and or for him to personally come to shed light on this long silence of his agency, they added.*



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