Hi Friends and Relatives in Negros, The week that was in Australia (Part IV)


Before jetting off to Indonesia and Europe, leaving Charles and Camilla to look after themselves, Malcolm Turnbull left Australians to ponder that, unless a referendum was held to change the constitution, Prince Charles “will become

Australian Connection by Joe Neubauer

the King of Australia”. For all that has been said about Turnbull’s long-held disdain of the royals, and for Charles in particular, and the supposed awkwardness that clouded their meeting this week, the royal visit suited our most fervent republican, who also happens to be our Prime Minister. He was suggesting Australians take a good, long look at Charles and his wife Camilla and to ask whether they really wanted to keep the monarchy going after the death, or abdication through illness, of Queen Elizabeth

II, aged 89, Turnbull, 61, who once accused Charles of “unashamed adultery” for going behind Diana’s back with Camilla, was gracious to Charles, 65, who has met way too many difficult world leaders in his long career to be bothered by Turnbull. And remember that Charles, who supported whatever Australia decided in the 1999 referendum, is probably more open-minded about a republic than many rusted-on Australian monarchists, including Tony Abbott. Abbott, who was born in Britain and repeatedly enjoined us to honour our “British heritage”, reinstated knighthoods to a nation that ran cringing to hide, hoping the world would not notice (they did)

Hi Friends and Relatives in Negros, The week that was in Australia (Part III)


A couple from the NSW south coast, near Wollongong, became instant multi-millionaires, winning $23.3 million in Lotto. The couple from Shellharbour

Australian Connection by Joe Neubauer

won the largest share in the $70 million draw after randomly buying a ticket at a local News agency.


Almost $60 million in dirty money and illegally obtained property has been seized in NSW by the Australian Federal Police’s new crack Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce. More than $24 million in cash, $11 million sitting in bank accounts and almost $10 million worth of residential property was seized by the taskforce just in NSW alone. The black market spending spree was funded by drug syndicates and organised crime identities. Proceeds of crime obtained by the taskforce will be reinvested into funding crime agencies. The AFP seized $240 million across Australia under the Proceeds of Crime Act last financial year, up from $130 million from the year before. The NSW government has given its commitment to a national unexplained wealth scheme.

Key Industry Players, Experts to Speak at National Organic Congress

Top executives and experts in organic agriculture and food will speak on current trends and development of the industries at the plenary sessions of the

Entrepreneur Hindy Weber Tantoco

12th National Organic Agriculture Congress (NOAC) this week.

The NOAC will be held on Nov. 25 to 27 in Bacolod, with opening ceremonies on Nov. 25 and plenary sessions on Nov. 26, both at the SMX Convention Center. The third day, Nov. 27, will be spent for tour of organic farms and tourist spots in Negros Occidental.

This year’s NOAC, with the theme “Halin Talamnan, Tubtub Kalan-an” or “Farm to Table “ expects more than 1,800 guests.

Plenary sessions are divided into three sessions: beginners, research, and marketing - from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For beginners, speakers are: Karen Bautista, supervising science research specialist of Bureau of Solis and Water Management (BSWM), who will talk on “Soils: Major Resource in Organic Agriculture;” Vera Ysabel Dela Cruz, senior science specialist of Organic Agriculture Division, and Lara Navarro, acting chief of Standards Development Division, who will both talk on “Organic Agriculture Standards and Regulation;”

Fiesta Homes Homeowners Association Hold Election of Officers

Fiesta Homes Homeowners Association (FHHA) In Barangay Sum-ag, Bacolod City held its bi-annual (once every two years) election of officers last Saturday, November 21.

HOMEOWNERS ELECTION at FIESTA HOMES. Shown at left photo are members of the Election Committee (ELECOM) headed by Retired Judge Lorenzo Manaay, Jr. chairman with committee members Ms. Yolly Larena, NDB’s Pert Toga (R) and Hernando Sumergido. At right photo (standing) are Ms. Mila Oraca, Ms. Rose Locsin, Ms. Nieva Guilaran, Ms. Junette Taculod, Ms. Sarah Alejada and Hookshot de los Reyes, with the ELECOM members.* (Photo by Henry James Toga)

Hi Friends and Relatives in Negros, The week that was in Australia (Part II)

In ancient Sumeria, around 4000 years ago, they took their beer very seriously. Severe penalties, up to and including death, awaited anyone who offered up low grade or watered down ale. With wine the only other contender, beer is probably the oldest purposely made intoxicant in history.

Australian Connection by Joe Neubauer

The Sumerians, in southern Iraq regarded it as medicine as much as an after-work drink. It is prominent in the Epic of Gigamesh, civilisation’s first epic poem, as a transformative and humanising substance. In modern days, scientists around the world are saying that within certain parameters, beer can be good for you. Moderate beer consumption can be considered as part of a healthy diet since it may protect against heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Investigations are now under way whether beer might one day be used to treat leukaemia. Beers contain a rich cargo of of chemicals called polyphenols though to have cancer fighting abilities. With findings such as these could the present bad-boy image of beer start to change for the better?


The housing price booms in Sydney and Melbourne are not over yet, but probably will be within a year according to a survey of property market professionals. For Sydney, 44% thought it would run another six months, while 33% expected another year. For Melbourne, half expected the rises to go only another six months and a further third tipping them to run for a full year. But for both Sydney and Melbourne, only 6% expected the boom to run for another two years.


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