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The Hongkong Chinese New Year Masskara Experience (PART III)

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The Welcome Lunch

During the welcome lunch for the performing groups, I was seated beside DOT Director Helen Katalbas. I was representing the mayor who was to arrive the next day. We were very privileged to have been seated right beside the head of the Hongkong Tourism Board Anthony Lau and the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders from USA. We had a long conversation with Mr Lau. He handles the 9 biggest annual events of Hongkong, each of which has its own event manager and each takes a year of planning. I had so many questions but he gladly answered each of them. i really

The 2015 Hongkong Chinese New Year MassKara Experience (Part II)

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By Rocky Puentevella

The handbook

It took a lot of emails with the DOT region and the DOT in Hongkong. We complied with all the requirements despite the December holidays and there was a lot of pressure because of the deadlines. We were to send the Passport numbers, the video rehearsals via email, a sample costume. Then, the handbook arrived. It was then when I realized how big this was going to be. I saw the other groups who were performing - Taiwan, USA, St Lucia, France, Japan, among others, the route of the parade - it was going to be at Tsim Sha Tsui, the famous shopping center for most Filipinos on vacation, the expensive part, the layout, the program, the other set requirements. I went thru youtube to see samples of the parade. I had some sort of panic moment, I called the choreographer to come over to the house and meet with him. I studied the entire handbook and explained every single detail of it. I didn’t want us to look like fools when we get there. I didn’t want to be embarrassed.

Champion MassKara Dancers from Barangay Granada parading in Hongkong.*

MassKara Performance in Hong Kong is City’s ‘Biggest Tourism Success’ in 20 years

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APEC-NOC ‘very impressed’ with City’s preparation, SMX Convention Center

Bacolod City Mayor Monico Puentevella considers the successful performance of the Barangay Granada MassKara dancers in the recently concluded 2015 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade in Hong Kong as the city’s “biggest tourism success” in the past twenty years.

Reasons to Visit San Carlos

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SAN CARLOS CITY, Negros Occ. — There are reasons to consider spending your vacation in this northernmost city of Negros Occidental which is the home of Pinta Flores Festival.

LA FORTUNA LAGOON. One of the beautiful places to visit in San Carlos is the La Fortuna Lagoon, owned and maintained by the Ledesma Hermanos Agricultural Corp. Although a private spot, permission can be secured from the company or the 1st District Congressional Office. From right to left, executive Marton Cui serving as guide to the lagoon site, NDB reporter Eugene Adiong and editor Arman Toga.*

The Hongkong Chinese New Year Masskara Experience

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By Rocky Puentevella (Part 1)

(As we finished the third Masskara performance in Hongkong ..., Mass-kara coordinator Nestor Guilaran, City Mayor EA Daping Trespuentes and I were discussing that some-one from the group needed to write something about the experience. I opted to be one of those.)


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