A Family Christmas Gathering 2017

Fun and Frolic for the Young and not so-Young

Eight couples, two singles and 13 children of the Toga family led by NDB Editor in Chief Pert Toga happily spent Christmas Day at the cool and windy atmosphere of the Bantug Lake and Ranch at Brgy. Alangilan in Bacolod City. The place is surrounded by natural habitat teeming with birds from the wild, fishes in the lake and some domesticated species imported from nearby countries which provided picnickers and the usual weekenders with a pleasant backgrounders which made their stay exceedingly memorable and truly an appropriate setting for a Christmas celebration.

NDB Ed-in-Chief Pert Toga (L) acting as Santa Clause delivers Christmas message to members of the Toga clan distribution of Love (cash) gifts from Mr. Mrs. Pert & Cecille Toga during the Christmas Party at Bantug Lake & Ranch Dec. 25, 2017.*

Upon entering the wide compound, one notices several camping sheds ideal for fun and relaxation, clean surroundings with basic facilities, a restaurant and comfort room, adequate water and other amenities, a wide space for horse-riding where even children and youngsters can enjoy the ride with trained and experienced horsemen acting as guides to insure the safety of all those wishing to enjoy the rides.

The happy faces of the young, handsome and beautiful members of the Toga clan during their souvenir pictorial after the gift-giving.

Then there’s the bamboo fences and wired cages of both domestic and foreign-bred animals for viewing purposes like geese, sheep, ducks, rabbits and pheasants, plus the six or seven-foot colorful peacock including a five-foot tall touching the ground, which is being allowed to roam around the compound to the delight of children and adults like a mother hen looking for its chicks.

An additional excitement is boating on the natural lagoon and lake where children and adults enjoy for an hour at minimal fee with expert boatmen rowing around, while at a distance, at least one eagle swooped down like a real Kingfisher able to get hold with its big claws a fairly-sized Tilapia floating on the surface, able to catch the live fish for its own meal of the day, a rare spectacle for the kids and even their elders.

The Toga family, to include some in-laws from the Garaygay, Pelayo, Garrucho, Jamora, Carbonilla, Esmeres, Gane, Nessia, Toriano clans were there to enliven the yearly family get together.

Also present were Canadian Charles King, Foreign NDB contact person in Canada and Gladys Leonardo who took most of the action photos during the distribution of Love Gifts and Christmas packages from various sources, especially from the children’s mothers and fathers, the grandchildren’s Lolo Pert and Lola Cecille in Los Angeles, California, and from other countries and uncles in Australia, Japan and Metro Manila where Lady Doctor Christine Jane had come home twice during the month and expectedly will stay until New Year 2018 with their uncle, ship captain in Japan, Pert Toga, Jr. who has already arrived in Manila last Wednesday, Dec. 27 from Tokyo, Japan.*(RGT)