Castil cautions public against “fake” cops

Police provincial director Sr. Supt. Rodolfo Castil yesterday cautioned the public against personalities who introduced themselves as police officers.

IMPOSTOR COP. Sr. Supt. Rodolfo Castil Jr. (left) Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office director presents to the media Noel Celestino who introduced himself as the police director of Neg. Occ. and promised a police officer who requested for assignment transfer. He also got P1,500 from a pastor supposedly to pay for his hotel in San Carlos City.*

Castil issued this warning after San Carlos police operatives apprehended a man who introduced himself as the police provincial director of Negros Occidental.

The suspect Noel Celestino of General Santos City was presented to the media here by Castil and San Carlos City Police chief Supt. D’ Artagnan Katalbas.

“ Do not immediately believe ask for proof of identification”. Castil stressed.

Celestino who pretended to be the provincial director of Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (Nocppo) was arrested in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental Monday, December

Katalbas, said the suspect attended a church activity in the city, where he introduced himself as a police official in the province.

He told a group of pastors that he was Senior Superintendent Noel Garcia, allegedly the newly-installed provincial director of NOCPPO and asked for P1,500 from one of them.

Katalbas said the pastors even booked him a room in a hotel.

Celestino was traced after he was reported by a policeman, whom he duped.

He promised the policeman that he will help him on his request for reassignment to the San Carlos City police from the Regional Public Safety Battalion.

Charges for usurpation of authority was filed against Celestino, who is detained at the station.

Celestino when interviewed by reporters he said everything was just a joke for him.

He added he did not expect that he will be found out to be a fake.

He said he has regretted what he did and asked for forgiveness.*(NDB)


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