Discovery of NPA camp in Himamaylan spoiled planned attack

Army troops discovered a large New People’s Army (NPA) terrorist encampment in the hinterland of Barangay Buenavista in Himamaylan City Tuesday morning, spoiling planned rebel attacks.

Captain Ruel S. Llanes, Civil-Military Operations Officer of the 303rd Infantry (Brown Eagle) Brigade, said this was a result of intensified operations being conducted by the brigade and its subordinate units.

Lalnes, in a media statement yesterday, said the operations are designed to address alarming threats posed by terrorist groups in Negros.

“The Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police in the island are on alert following Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of CPP-NPA as terrorists and cancellation of peace talks between the CPP-NPA and the government,” he said.

The large encampment in Himamaylan can accommodate around 100 people, can cater trainings and teach-ins, and can serve as a staging and planning area for terrorist attacks. It also has two comfort rooms, 15 bunk beds, and a dining hall, he added.

According to the troops, the encampment was hastily abandoned by occupants, leaving behind their valuable belongings such as 15 pieces of medical paraphernalia, binoculars, night vision goggles, and five pairs of civilian boots, etc., he also said.

In Llanes report, he quoted Colonel Eliezer L Losañes, the commander of the 303rd Brigade, saying, “We have anticipated that the NPAs are plotting offensive attacks. That is why, it is imperative to conduct intensive combat operations to deter their terroristic attacks.”

Losañes said, the NPA terrorists are having an internal conflict among their leaders.

“They are blaming one another for several failed activities: ambush against Cauayan PNP, bombing of construction equipment, and attack against the Hinoba-an PNP station,” he said.

Losañes empathizes with the people of the Negros Island regarding their security concerns and therefore maintains that the brigade is proactive in defeating the CPP-NPA in the Negros.*(NDB)



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