No Segregation No Collection violation penalty takes effect today

There will be no more postponement on the imposition of penalty effective today, December 1, against violators for not complying with the “no segregation, no collection policy of the city.

Solid Waste Action Team (SWAT) chairman, Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran said, they have issued notices to the barangay captains informing them of the imposition of penalties on violators.

There are six (6) police personnel who will accompany the enforcement team of the Department of Public Services in apprehending the violators, as agreed between the SWAT and the Solid Waste Educators and Enforcement Team (SWEET) of Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau. They will immediately issue penalties upon the violators.

Familiaran also said all documentation of violators taken by the enforcement team will be submitted to the DENR-EMB, which will then issue the notice of violation through the barangays.

It is the barangay that will enforce or implement the penalties by either by making violators pay in cash or render community service.

It was decided during the meeting that they will continue to collect unsegregated garbage but there will be an enforcement team that will document violators and forward this to the barangay captain who are empowered to promote/implement the “no segregation, no collection policy.

As observed, the barangays have not utilized the shredder machines distributed to them because garbage has not been segregated. So households should be required to segregate.

Mayor Evelio Leonardia said the city is processing the construction of a new sanitary landfill in Brgy.Felisa in compliance to R.A. 9003 because the existing one has been converted into an open dumpsite by the previous administration before they returned to City Hall.

Leonardia said they have appropriated an amount for the new sanitary landfill and are working on the feasibility of putting up the facility within the same property where the existing one is situated to hasten their compliance.*(Edith B. Colmo)



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