Feature: Best Governments in the World

The World Atlas, a prestigious compilation of the 25 Best Governments in the World, recently listed Switzerland, New Zealand and Canada on top of the compilation.

It has been reported that the Swiss Federal government was ranked first globally by the Prosperity Index, which conducts its most important affairs within the Federal Palace in Bern.

Of all the topics available for discussion in both social and informal gatherings, government and politics are probably among the most controversial of them all. While it is challenging to compare one country’s governance to that of another, especially since each style’s success is largely dependent on the people actually running it, many experts believe that there is a way to compare all of them in such a way that a comprehensive and reliable ranking can be produced.

One such ranking is published by the “Legatum Institute” based in the United States Kingdom. Switzerland has been declared the nation with the best government in the world.

European countries top the list of Best Government by an EU and UN-affiliated leadership.

The top ten countries with best government, according to the Legatum Index following the topnotcher Switzerland, are New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom and Australia. The United States ranks 11th which is the same rank it got among the institute’s most prosperous countries list.

The nine other nations listed with the best government in the World are: Netherlands, Singapore, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Iceland, Japan and France.

In the democratic Swiss State, the people have the foremost political power giving them increased political power and increased opportunities to express their opinion by way of popular voting. All its people have the right to vote, both men and women, and have the freedom to choose people who will represent them within their Federal Assembly.

The Kingdom of Denmark, on the other hand, is a Constitutional monarchy. Their monarch, Queen Margarette II, is Head of State. The Prime Minister, presides over the government’s cabinet where the most important executive powers are carried out.

In Sweden, the National Cabinet is the Supreme executive authority. They also have a Prime Minster who is assigned by cabinet ministers and speaker of the Riksdag heading the Swedish unicameral national legislative assembly while power lies with the Parliament in Finland.

Whereas, Luxembourg has its own brand of Parliamentary Democracy, while Norway has its monarchy, and the UK its Constitutional monarch, Australia has its Commonwealth government, akin to those of New Zealand and Canada’s Federal forms of government under the British crown.

Among the factors that earned for Switzerland its top ranking for best government in the world are its excellent health care system, topnotch educational programs, low levels of air and water pollution, freedom of speech, right to responsively defend oneself, a priority given to innovation and a stable economic environment.*(Research: Pert Toga & Charlie King)