* REVGOV. From 09082910000: It seems like there is a misunderstanding between RAM/Guardians' and Revolutionary Government (RevGov) advocates retired police officers Ricardo "Rics/Rex" Noble, Armando Tubongbanua and Edsel Vaflor, and Kilusang Pagbabago's (KP) former Bacolod Councilor, Atty. Arche Baribar. They are all pro-President Duterte but it seems like they have not talked about RevGov and what it is really in character. Both camps, however say the RevGov is a non-violent, unarmed and civil way to transform the form of government into Federalism. Both camps also rallied yesterday in support of RevGov and Duterte. Can they sit down together and talk so other groups will not manipulate the seeming misunderstanding?

VACC. Mayor Evelio Leonardia (4th from left) speaks at the induction ceremony and orientation of new members of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) at Sugarland Hotel yesterday. With him are VACC officials (from left): treasurer Captain Alexander Abilo, vice president Cory Quirino, founding chairman and president Dante Jimenez, chairman Martin Diño, and trustee Mel Go.*

* SERENIO & LINKED COPS. From 09217731010: What happened to the PNP-IAS investigation of several cops in the province who were linked to the illegal drugs as alleged by drug personality Ricky Serenio 10 months ago? Specifically, we want to know about the case of SPO3 Joshua Barile who allegedly received P30T/weekly for 2 years?

* SERENO'S IMPEACHMENT. From 09258635820: Democracy is "Separation of Powers" between Judiciary, Legislative & Executive but it seems Congress is slowling (sic) violating it by trying to impeach Sereno & Carpio. Just ask legal experts & most of them are frowning in these developments. IBP said Atty. Galdon's impeachment case vs Sereno is weak.

** THE CPP/NPA/NDF. From 09258635820: Ever since time immemorial, the NDF & NPA have always been against our government & democracy because they believe in Communism prinsciples & want it imposed on our country. So I think Pres. Duterte is right in not entertaining them anymore.

* SEN. PACMAN. From 09291409898: We could not believe that Pacquiao would quit his Senate post because he could stomach politicians criticizing Duterte. We agree with critics that the Senate does not deserve him as it is already full of pressidential ass-kissers. The bad news is that he would quit in 2022 yet.

* CUSTOMS & SHABU. From 09089216662: The entry of P6.4 billion worth of shabu from China with the green light of the Bureau of Customs under ex-Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon was a hocus-pocus. To this day, the President has done nothing to expose the Davao group, the alleged perpetrators of the grand larceny.

** SIPALAY MINES WORKERS’ APPEAL. From 09214798313: Ano gid ang papel ni Gen. Espino sa Ultraforce security sa MMC? Gahala papulok sang armas ang mga tawo nila wala man sang nadakop nga kawatan kag ngaa kalusot 10-wheelers may karga nga scrap kahapon alas dos sang kaagahon (Saturday)? Kag ngaa maintra si Espino sa scrap kay may buyer sya? Para ina sa mga workers kay 22 years nga hulat kag magdaog sa korte kag 47 na ka miembro napatay kag wala gid ka kuha sang ila due claims. Pamangkot, ngaa ga intra si Gen. Espino? Malooy ka man sa Maricalium Mining Corp. NAMAWU 103 workers. President Duterte tabangi man kami!

* EAT ALL YOU CAN. From 09166578432: Eat All You Can restaurants are bad cholesterol banks. If you frequent these places then prepare for your exorbitant hospital bills sooner or later.

* IMPEACHMENTS. From 09295727408: It seems that if the state of affairs continues under this regime, the country is going to the dogs. Through the retinue of psycophants in Congress, Pres. Duterte wants to impeach CJ Sereno and Ombudsman Morales. Check and balances, criticisms and dissensions are taboo for him.

* CUT PEACE DEAL. From 09984415051: Husto lang ang desisyon sang Presidente nga utdon ang peace talks sa CPP/NPA/NDF. Diin ka sina kakita nga gaistorya kamo parti katawhayan kag pagtin-ad, ang ila ya mga hangaway sige pang kidnap kag pamatay. No peace talk will ever succeed with communists, tandaan ta na!

** MARICALUM MINING WORKERS UNDER NAMAWU 103. From 09997566117: Da-og na sa 22 anyos nga kinasuhay kami nga mga katapo sang unyon nga NAMAWU 103 diri sa Maricalum Mining Corporation sa San Jose, Sipalay, Negros Occidental nga minahan nga ginsarhan. Sobra 22 anyos namon ginpakig-away ang amon balatunon. Karon nga may desisyon na ang mga korte ilabi na ang Korte Suprema kag DOLE pabor sa amon nga-a indi mapatuman sang mga sheriff? Naga pangayo gid kami bulig sa media sa Bacolod, sa sin-o man nga mga opisyal sa Bacolod nga ang amon apelar kay Presidente Duterte nga i-implimintar na ang decision ila mabuligan mapadangat gid sa Pangulo. Salamat man kay Mayor Nonoy Montilla sang Sipalay nga walay untat sa pag-alalay bulig sa amon nga mga pigado. Ang Maka-ako na ang bahala sa inyo.

* TO ALL FRIENDS IN MEDIA ... From 09212449216 / LLDC-Negros Inc.: ...ang wala untat nga pagtaas sa presyo sg langis kg tanan nga mga sandigan nga balaklon kaangay sg bugas, sud-an, gatas, etc. Ang gamut nga kabangdanan amo ang Deregulation Policy nga ang nabalhag sa GATT/WTO U.S. Imperialist lead. Wala kita paaboton sa US-DUTERTE REGIME para solbaron ini. Oil Deregulation Law Gobyerno man ang mandatus. Ang gahum ara sa Sandigan nga masa, middle class kg mga upper class nga nakamuklat: PEOPLE POWER OPEN MASS MOV’T. ANG SULUTION SCRAP GATT/WTO.

* PRESIDENTIAL PROMISES. From 09192039460: Madamo na nga promisa si Digong nga wala ginatuman. Sang 2016, siya nagsaad nga magahalin sa pagka-pangulo kon indi niya malubad ang drug problem sa 3 ka bulan. Karon naman magabiya siya kuno sa pwesto kon indi niya mapatin-ad sang tumalagsahon ang pungsod sa 3 lamang ka tuig.

* A COUNCILOR. From 09206279943: Why is it that this opposition councilor of Bacolod is so dogmatic and pretentious in the city council? He is not a chip off the old block. His father was very brilliant. He was a second placer in the bar examination and No. 1 in CPA board examination. His son is a showboat.

* EJK... TOKWANG... RIDING IN TANDEM... From 09195939006: ... Ina sng tyempo na ni Presidente Duterte... Damo na ang nag kalamatay... Matood gid man gali ang DDS... DAVAO DEATH SQUAD.

* ‘TOO MANY ENFORCERS.’ From 09258635820: Too many traffic enforcers every morning at Villamonte road causing traffic jams, so damo students ga late going to school. As they say too many cooks spoil the broth.*