Cane Points

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Cane Points: Putting Things in Perspective

Consumer advocates filed a motion for reconsideration on the ERC decision authorizing Ceneco to collect P0.0817 / kwh for 50 months, or until the amount is fully paid, from its consumers to pay the P232 million differential billing which Ceneco owes to Kepco.

The amount of P232 million is being used as the monster to manipulate emotions and scare consumers to mindlessly oppose the ERC decision without taking the time and effort to study the whole issue.

It is best to put things in their proper perspective before reacting to any issue.

Cane Points: Temporary Relief on P232 Million

Consumers heaved a sigh of relief after Ceneco suspended the implementation of the additional P0.0817 / kwh arising from the Energy Regulatory Commission decision allowing Ceneco to collect the P232 million differential billing it owes to Kepco.

Where did this P232 million figure come from? Do consumers have to pay for it?

In 2007, Ceneco entered into a contract with Kepco for the delivery of 40MW base load. In 2009, ERC approved the contract at a base price of P4.2511/kWh.

Cane Points: Butch Bacaoco The P232-M Question

To pay or not to pay? That is the P232 million question.

Any increase on the burden to be paid by consumers is never welcome. But in the normal conduct of business, price increases come as a matter of course.

Perhaps a closer examination of the background of the issue can help clarify if the collection of the additional charge of P0.0817/kwh for 50 months is justified or not.

KSPC and Ceneco entered into a Power Sales Contract for 40MW base load on July 16, 2007. ERC approved the contract on February 26, 2009 at a base price of P4.2511/kWh. Moreover, KSPC and Ceneco entered into a Supplemental Agreement on July 29, 2011 for an additional supply of 24MW.

Ceneco’s P232 Million `Unused’ Power

Consumer advocates have been slamming the decision by the Energy Regulatory Commission dated June 27, 2017, mandating Ceneco to collect the P232 million in unnominated contract quantity which it owes to Kepco Salcon Power Corporation.

The contract has been assailed as grossly disadvantageous to consumers and, thus, consumers should not be made to pay for “unused” power related to that contract.

Ceneco initially entered into a contract with KSPC for the supply of 40 megawatts of base load power. Then it entered into another agreement for an additional 24 MW of power, to be used either as base load or intermediate load, on the option of Ceneco.

Cane Points: Brief History of Growers (2nd of 2 parts)

Exemplary Service to Planters and Workers

Despite its relatively small size, ASGI was at par with other bigger associations in terms of benefits to planters and their laborers and families.

From zero finances at the start of operations, ASGI posted a net income of P16,186.07 during its first year. ASGI’s judicious fiscal management did not go unnoticed, as it received many offers for its molasses in the following year. ASGI availed from Allied Overseas Company cash advance for CY 1966-67 molasses in the amount of P90,000, half of which were immediately released to the members.