Cane Points

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Cane Points: Transparency at Ceneco

When Roy Cordova was elected as president of the Ceneco Board of Directors, he vowed to make transparency in coop operations and transactions as the hallmark of his administration.

Roy rose from the ranks. Except for a three-year period when he was disqualified from running for re-election in the Ceneco Board, he has been with the rural electrification program since he was employed as a meter reader in 1982 and became president of the labor union for 15 years until his reelection last March.

Cane Points: Change Power at Ceneco

"We apologize for the brief interruption to your regular program because of change power at our station."

This is what we often hear over the airwaves everytime a power interruption occurs, as radio stations switch sources of power from the grid to their standby generators and back to the grid when electric service resumes.

Cane Points: Coke: It's the real thing

 On a ship worked a seaman who is so industrious and meticulous in his duties that he has not incurred any demerit nor committed any misdemeanor in his more than 10 years of seafaring career. He is also has no taste for any alcoholic beverage, making him the butt of jokes of his shipmates.

During the crew's Christmas party, the captain persuaded the seaman to have a sip of the spirits. The seaman reluctantly obeyed, fearful of the captain's ire if his request is rejected.

Cane Points: Manolet Lamata to Get His Wish?

Last January 17, the presidents of planters federations and leaders of agrarian reform beneficiaries and sugar industry workers held a joint press conference to condemn the importation and use of HFCS by beverage makers.

Present were Unifed president Manolet Lamata, NFSP president Nene Rojas, Confed president Kikong dela Rama, Kilusang Pagbabago - NIR spokesman Archie Baribar, former National Federation of Sugar Workers chairman Ranie Lava and National Congress of Unions in the Sugar Industry of the Philippines sec-gen Nani Braza.

Cane Points: ‘D’ Sugar Compounds Planters’ Woes

As the Sugar Alliance holds its monthly meeting in Manila today, sugar industry leaders celebrate another victory on top of the recent rejection by the Quezon City Regional Trial Court of Coca-Cola’s motion for reconsideration of the decision denying Coca-Cola’s petition for the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on the implementation of Sugar Order No. 3 (SO#3).