A Nation with Great Culture is Great: AAB

“The only way to solve the problem of our nation is by culture and art, because a nation with great culture is a great nation.”

Thus said Paeng Paderna, trainer of the art/drawing training conducted by Art Association of Bacolod (AAB) at the artworks gallery along Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City. The training is conducted by batch during weekends starting August 26-27.

Paderna said, no less than a Bacoleña member of AAB in the person of Maurine Austria grabbed the grand prize award culture category during the recent international art competition.

Art, according to Martinez, has limitless appreciation and pro-creation of everything, that gives meaning to every individual.

Assisted by other officers and members of AAB, the training was fun to the participants where most of them are first timers in artwork.

But, Paderna advised the trainees not to make haste when painting, taking into consideration the space, lines, color and movement. “Try to think and you will learn more. Always welcome criticisms and you will learn fast. Think that you know less and you will learn fast. Do not haste. Be regal and persistent,” she said.

Paderna added that to be an artist you prolong your life because you are remembered by your artwork.

The different strokes in drawing are conservative, conventional, abstract and no object.

“In art, we respect the individual’s expression of everything in his/her subject. Do not copy, because a good painting is a painting that deserves a second look,” Paderna emphasized.*


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