Farmer Found Dead

A farmer was found dead in Sitio Bucal-bucal, Barangay Najandig, Zamboanguita town in Negros Oriental around 5:00 p.m. Sunday, police belated report disclosed.

Police identified the victim as Julius Palomar Babor, 39, married, from the said address.

The victim left their house early morning Sunday to go to the farm, according to his wife Mariedel Mata Babor. He told her he will be back at lunch time. When the victim failed to come home, she decided to look for him with the help of her two cousins, Ronald and Julius Mercado.

She said they followed the trail and found her husband lying lifeless in a creek.

They brought the victim to the Rural Health Unit in Zamboanguita, but Dr. Ken Funghe pronounced him dead due to two fatal stab wounds found in his right abdomen.

Police is still investigating the killing to determine the motive.*(CMG)