Invitational Volleyball Game Rocked Bacolod

STI-WNU Gymnasium was in full house as Bacolod Volleyball fans swarmed to see the games between invited teams from Manila, Ateneo Blue Eagles and Banko Perlas Spikers last August 21. Event Organizers led by Carmela Arcolas-Gamboa received a lot to ticket reservations even before the tickets have gone out for printing and sales. “Bacolod was crazy over the games and has a strong following in Volleyball”, Gamboa added.

Congressman Greg Gasataya thanked the people of Bacolod who trooped to STI-WNU gym to watch the Invitational Volleyball games.* (Owen Segovia Bayog/NDB photo)

A volleyball camp was conducted by the visiting teams at St. John’s Institute for various teams that was assisted by the Ateneo and Banko Perlas players.

A BIT OF THE ACTION - Ateneo Blue Eagles and Banko Perlas Spikers at STI-WNU during the invitational volleyball game.* (Owen Segovia Bayog/NDB photo)

The venue can only accommodate as much as fans squeezed in to watch the games of Ateneo and Banko Perlas. Preliminary Games played between Team Greg Gasataya and Talisay Gwapo Volleyball, Siquijor faced Team Pontevedra while Imart went up against Toy Trucks before the main match.

Congressman Greg Gasataya who also sponsored the games thanked the organizers and the visiting players that gathered the people of Bacolod who is rooting for the sport. Gasataya also said that he is happy with the result of the games and is thinking of putting up a local program that will cater to volleyball players in the City as well.* (OSBayog)


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