Bigger And Exciting Greg Gasataya League Before The Year 2017 Ends

The past years, the Bacolodnon’s had been looking for a league where they can identify themselves and that is where We drew the idea of coming up with the Congressman Greg Gasataya Basketall League. The said tournament was staged at the STI-WNU Gymnasium and has gathered humongous crowd rooting for their respective teams.

A SPORTS PROGRAM – that will cater to the sporting needs of the Bacolodnon’s in every Barangay, that is our goal – said Congressman Greg Gasataya. Expect a much bigger and exciting tournament before the year 2017 ends.* (Owen Segovia Bayog/NDB photo)

Congressman Gasataya said that the success of the tournament has even challenged their office to put up a much bigger and exciting tournament before the year ends.

Barangay Villamonte Champion Coach Arlan Pasco Blanco recalled memories that Basketball in Bacolod have stepped up and gathered the Basketball aficionados as well as the participation of various ball clubs in different Barangays and relived the days Basketball in the City.

Lorenzo “Butchoi” Solinap of Barangay Villamonte said that Bacolod is just crazy over Basketball, the latter also thanked the solon as the tournament had helped people, scholarships for deserving players that had benefited out of perks of the league.

Mark Anthony Dela Cruz was named the first Most Valuable Player during the recent Congressman Greg Gasataya Basketall League. Dela Cruz was in tears as he receives his award and asks Cong. Greg if the said scholarship can be passed on to his younger sister Rolanda as Mark is already working.

Dela Cruz repeatedly thanked Gasataya even during his 365 Days Report at the Bacolod Pavillon since his family needed the finances to send his sister to school.

The MVP also added that he encourages the youth to get involve into sports and hopes the said league of the Congressman continues to grow through the years.

Gasataya also told NDB that they are conceptualizing program that will not just be seasonal but a sports program will be a continuos one that will involve every Barangay in the City.* (OSBayog)



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