NBI Still Faces Blank Wall in Malabor Case?

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) seems to be still facing a blank wall in investigating the assassination of the Provincial Board Member Renato Malabor and his bodyguard Butch Jumilla last June 28, 2015.

The NBI which is conducting its own separate investi-gation of the assassination has yet to come up with its findings after almost a month since the incident happened.

Atty. Renato Garbo, NBI-Bacolod Chief said they are still looking for more witnesses.

Asked on the progress of the investigation, Garbo admitted “Matatagalan pa ito.”

The Task Force Malabor on the other hand composed of PNP probers investigating agencies has already filed double murder charges against a policeman allegedly the gunman and 12 other suspects.

Earlier, the NBI has remained mum and maintained a “no comment” stance as far as reporters asking the progress of the investigation on the recent assassination of Provincial Board Member Renato Malabor is concerned.

NBI-Bacolod Executive Officer Enrico Cabero confirmed to reporters that the cellular phone of the late provincial board member was turned over by the family to them for forensic investigation.

He however asked the consideration of the media emphasizing that what they are investigating is a murder case and a “high profile case at that”.

He assured though that they are thoroughly investigating the case, and have leads and are looking into all the possible angles of the killing.

Malabor, 55 and his bodyguard, Butch Jumilla were gunned down by a lone assailant while leaving a cockpit in Barangay Guintubhan, Isabela town early morning at about 1 a.m. Sunday June 28, 2015.

Both died from a lone fatal shot in the back.

Cabero said the family of the victim is very cooperative.

He also denied that their hands are tied as far as the investigation is concerned.

“It is just that we cannot release any information yet because we are thoroughly investigating the killing, but as soon as we have results we will inform you,” Cabero said.

Cabero stated that they did not divulge how many witnesses have issued statements to them “ for security reasons.”

“We are moving forward, “ he said when pressed why it seems the investigation is “slow”.

This is a high profile murder case so it is hard to set a timeline, “ Cabero pointed out.

He has also denied that they are under pressure from some forces which is slowing down investigation.*