91.9 Love Radio Launched Operation: Tokhang

By Kristine G Alonso

Avid listeners of 91.9 Love Radio were targeted by the “Operation Tokhang” promo and were definitely making waves when the radio jockeys(DJs) themselves catch potential winners listening in their own home. The promo was inspired by the Oplan Tokhang anti crime campaign and was personalized with a more exciting way at listening to Love Radio, inviting all music lovers to stay tuned to win exciting prizes.

he first batch of winners for Love Raio 91.9 Operation Tokhang.

Once listeners get “tokhang,” Love Radio lists the names down and are raffled off at the station with a prize of P500 once their names are called out on air.

Operation Tokhang, a promo which initiated listeners to stay tuned to Love Radio 91.9 day in and day out, paved way for excitement and fun while listening to music. The promo is derived from the popularized anti-crime campaign of the country with the Bisaya words which means to knock(toktok) and request (hangyo).

There has been more than 500 winners of the Operation Tokhang of 91.9 Love Radio and is continue to boom the airwaves with its surprising activities and prizes.

91.9 Love Radio is continuously on the lookout for more “suspects” for their Operation Tokhang promo. So too toot lang!*