Kite Maker Thanks Solon for Burador Revival

Crispulo Rosales had been a kite maker since the ’80s. He had been most of the time champion of contests and had been in several places just to fly his kites. Recently, after Congressman Greg Gasataya led the first Burador Festival at the NGC grounds, Rosales was once again on his groove to produce more kites with various designs.

THE KITE MAKER Crispulo Rosales is champion kite maker since the ’80s and is happy with the revival of the traditional kite making through the Burador Festival.*(Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Kids were coming to him as they prepare more than 20 kites as entries to the said contest. He also came up with kids who are willing to fly the kites with him. Rosales says he is so happy with the Burador Festival since it has brought back so much memories and have once again gathered the aficionados in kite flying. NDB was able to interview Rosales in his residence and saw the collection of his winnings ever since.

During the recent 365 Days Report of the Congressman, he said that the Burador Festival had made its mark both in the local and national media and was featured in the national news. The vibrant colors and new kite designs have sparked the interests of the Bacolodnons to go kite flying once again, a simple game away from the gadgets that kids play nowadays.

Cong. Greg added that this will be a yearly activity and is interested in expanding the Burador Festival for the whole province as well. Crispulo Rosales thanked Gasataya that right after the Kite Festival he is being visited by people and had been making orders for new kites. Rosales makes a living out of kite and stage designs. He has his own pedicab where he makes a living during off season.*

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