Church Opposes Marriage Dissolution

Reacting to the move of Congress to dissolve marriage, the Catholic clergy is strongly opposing such move. Recently, no less than the speaker of the House of Representatives Pantaleon Alvarez was vocal in pushing the proposed dissolution of marriage through the Congress.

According to Msgr. Felix Pasquin, former Rector of San Sebastian Cathedral, the sacrament of marriage is a sacred institution which was not instituted by man but by God. The rightness or justness of the sanctity of marriage is not by numbers game if approved by the majority in congress. It is a stand even alone for justice and righteousness, what you are before the eyes of God.

This move, Msgr. Pasquin said, is a big insult to the sanctity of marriage.

He also said, the problem of couples is part of marriage life, that is why they pledged to live together for better or for worst.

The most potent weapon we should not under-estimate to oppose the move to dissolve marriage is the power of prayer, for it will sustain the doctrine of God, Msgr Pasquin emphasized.*