Childfund Passes it Back Introducing Life Skills to Children

Pass it Back is a Sport for Development program led by Childfund with the World Rugby, Asia Rugby and Women Win that introduces integrated life skills and Rugby Curriculum for children and young people in disadvantaged communities across Asia. Recently, a press confab with Childfund and members of the Rugby Team was held, leading the training for various children in communities in the country that has formed more than 200 teams to date, was in Talisay City for a sports clinic and pressfab.

Ada Milby of Asia Rugby told members of the media that the program is centered on honing and developing children and prepare them with discipline and being taught the values of sharing in the sense of “passing it back” in the end.*(Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

In the said pressconfab the program is said to instill disciple and values to children when they engage into the sport. Ada Milby of Asia Rugby says the program gives the chance to every child to be responsible and within the course of the program are taught values and teachings that prepare them to face life and its course.

Anne Marice Sajorne hails from Bacolod City and was a player of Rugby in her college years. She is now coaching children that is in the program of “Pass it Back” and encourages others to be in the sport as well.*(Owen S. Bayog/NDB photo)

Players are being honed and taught while being prepared to teach others in the end the essence of “pass it back”. Oliver Tayo, program director of Childfund also told members of the media that the program teaches life skills, develop sense of responsibility and how they “pass it back.“

Oliver Tayo, Program Director of Childfund says similar programs in Vietnam and Laos has prospered and was able to gather children. The implementation of the program in Asia and in the Philippines expects the same feat that of the other countries and also with Japan who is with the said development program.*

After the press conference a demonstration and clinic to wiling participants have been conducted by the group at the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College.*