VM Jalando-on Delivers Privilege Speech Commending La Carlota PNP

The Philippine National Police (PNP) did a commendable job of seizing the biggest drug apprehension in La Carlota City to date in their campaign against illegal drugs. The operation was done based on the authority of a Search Warrant issued by Judge Cyclamen Fernandez of the RTC Branch 53.

La Carlota City Vice-Mayor Dr. Rex R. Jalando-on (inset, left) delivers his privilege speech on La Carlota Police’ commendable job of having the biggest number of drug apprehensions to date in their campaign against illegal drugs. SPM Jaime H. Mariño (inset, right) filed a resolution of commendation to the La Carlota Police force for their good performance and expressing gratitude for doing their part well, and inspire them to keep the performance and do even better. This was approved by the SP members.*(Jun de los Reyes/NDB photo)

Vice-Mayor & Presiding Officer Dr. Rex R. Jalando-on in his privilege speech said, “The officers of our police forces take more risk than the rest of us in government service, in the performance of their duty. Keeping the peace and safety of the community from the unlawful elements in our society involves a lot of unexpected exposure to dangers that put to risk the lives and limbs of police officers. They need to know that the people who they risked their lives for appreciate that and are grateful for their services. As elected public officials and representative of our people, it is incumbent upon us to extend that appreciation and gratitude of our people to our police force for the job well done.”

He added that by passing a resolution of commendation for their successful operation, it sends two messages: “A good work never goes unnoticed and by encouraging their performance and expressing our gratitude for doing their part well, we will inspire them to keep up the good performance and to do better; and two, we, the city officials mean business in our campaign against illegal drugs.”

“I call for the cooperation of everybody. It is necessary to effect a positive and lasting change not only here but also in the entire community. The government needs the involvement of all sectors of society and the cooperation of all government agencies, because it takes an entire community to build a better city,” Vice-Mayor Jalando-on pointed out.

Meanwhile, SPM Jaime Manuel H. Mariño sponsored and filed a Resolution of commendation to the La Carlota City Police force for their biggest buy bust operation in the City and for their good performance and expressing gratitude for a job well done which was approved by the majority members of the Sangguniang Panglunsod present.*


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