No Segregation, No Collection IEC Kicks Off

Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran, chairman of the Solid Waste Action Team said, they have started Friday the Education, Information Campaign (EIC) at Barangay 30.

He said, they hope to conduct the EIC to the 61 barangays of the city before the end of the month so they could start the “No Segregation, No Collection” policy in September.

Also, it is important to inform the people before implementing the “No Segregation, No Collection” program of the city so they will understand that segregation of waste should start from the household. If they do not segregate, their garbage will not be collected. The SWEET will monitor compliance and submit a report to the DENR, Familiaran emphasized.

He further said, the waste analysis characterization study (WACS) of collected garbage is supposed to be conducted in one week starting August 1. However, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) requested to conduct it from August 5 to 7 when they will be around to study the city’s waste disposal.

The Solid Waste Action Team has identified different areas in Bacolod City where garbage will be collected daily to be analyzed by the city’s Waste Analysis Characterization Study (WACS) team.

Familiaran likewise said, the WACS team from the Department of Public Service, which will be supervised by Environmental Management Board of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, will analyze the type of waste to be collected daily from the three types of subdivisions – upper class, middle class and low cost housing, and from the business establishments.

The Vice Mayor stressed that illegal dumping of garbage is not allowed and violators will be imposed penalties in violation of R.A. 9003, that authorizes the city and the barangay to create a SWM Board to ensure that the law is being implemented.*(EB C)



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