HTP DOT 4 Gets Past Ultron Race in Fil-Sino

No.4 HTP DOT 4 routed top seed Ultron Race, 87-67, in the semi-finals of the 36 and above category of the Fil-Sino Inter-Color Petron Cup at Po Hang Gym of Bacolod Tay Tung High School.

Meanwhile, in the curtain raiser, No.2 Sprint 4t Rider advance to the finals eliminating No.3 Ultron Extra, 93-76.

Mark Binguan, Bobil Alagaban, Kenneth Ymalay and Henel Jison conspired to put HTP DOT 4 on top in the opening quarter, 29-11.

Ronald Despi and Lito Dumdum scored 10 and 6 points, respectively as HTP Dot 4 extended the lead to 47-25 even as Mark Yee made 7 points for Ultron Race.

Ultron Race improved their 2nd half performance but it is only enough to equal the output of HTP Dot 4 as a rubber match this Wednesday is set for the winner advancing to the finals opposite Sprint 4t Rider.

Despi led HTP Dot 4 with 24 points, Mark Binguan added 15; Alagaban and Dumdum shot 11 points apiece, Ymalay with 8 points; Tubby Villanueva and Jison hit 7 points each.

Rey Pandoro finished with 17 points for Ultron Race; Richard Co added 10; Yee and Oliver Manaloto made 9 points each and Danny Boy with 6.

Sprint 4t Rider took a 47-33 lead at the break as Michael Ang knocked down 4 triples in the 2nd quarter and Monroe Chua made 12 points as teammates Jolly Castillo and Chibon Uy added a combined for 13 points; Efraim Valencia produced 11 points for Ultron Extra with teammates Roger Montalbo and Adonis Rosales hitting 4 triples between them.

James Uy scored 6 points and Valencia added 5 but it hardly made a dent on the lead as Sprint 4t Rider continue to keep a double digit lead, 63-51 going to the 4th quarter even as Bingbong Villanueva had 6 points for Sprint 4t Rider.

Valencia continues to carry the load for Ultron Extra with 13 points, but Ultron Extra could not gain any headway due to lack of scoring support while Jolly Castillo and Johnnyson Yu scored 11 and 7 points respectively to lead a balance offense to seal the 1st finals seat.

Castillo paced Sprint 4t Rider with 17 points; Ang hit 15; Chua made 12 ; Uy with 11; Livingstone Ang had 10 and Yu made 9 points.

Valencia had a game-high 29 points; Montalbo with 12 points; Kendrick Deloria shot 9; Uy and Rosales shot 8 points apiece.* (Cyrus M. Garde)