Governor: ‘Save Blue Crab Industry’

Negros Occ. Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr. is urging the public to save the blue swimming crab industry that is giving livelihood to thousands of fishermen in the province.

He said berried crab or ‘bukakahan’ in the local dialect should not be fished until they reach their mature sexuality to enable them to lay eggs. If caught, these crabs should be returned to the waters

The Governor also called on fishermen not to harvest crablets. Instead, they should be allowed to grow to 9.65 or 10.5 cm. before harvesting.

Fishermen are further urged to use fishing gears that do not affect the small crabs nor engage in practices that destroy the environment.

Study shows that berried crabs yield as much as one to two million eggs. Even if only one percent lives from a single berried crab and reach their mature sexuality, this can give an additional income to blue crab farmers of about P187, 500.

Fishermen who violate blue crab fishing regulations will be penalized based on Ordinance No. 19 series of 2003- Provincial Blue Crab Fishery Industry.

For the offense, fishermen will be given warning and illegally fished crabs will be returned to the waters.

For the second offense, aside from returning illegally fished crabs, fishermen will be warned that committing of the same offense will be criminally dealt with.

For the third offense, those who are caught will be fined P1, 500 and their fishing permit or license will be suspended for not more than 30 days.*(JCM/Lljr-PIA6)