TMC Season 4: Vencer Victorious in July Shoot-Out Finale

Former bowler of the year champion Dr Larnie Vencer was victorious during the recently-concluded July Shoot-Out Finale of the Tenpin Masters Challenge (TMC) Season Four at Lopue’s East Bowling Center (LEBC), Villamonte in Bacolod City.

PBC president Engr Gerry Mallillin pose for souvenir with STAI bowlers who sponsored a President’s Cup tournament after TMC’s July finals and King of Hilit-Hilit Lanes at LEBC.* (STAI photo)

The 51-year old Vencer emerged on top against the eventual first runner-up Richel Gumban after a one-ball throw to break the tie of 184 pin falls.

Seeded no.4 Gumban was leading by a pin halfway of the game but seeded no.2 Vencer knocked down a double strike on the 6th frame to take the lead. Then, Gumban managed to hit a spare on the 9th and a double bagger on the last frame for a 184-all score.

Vencer had a plus 10 handicap points per game, while Gumban had 15.

“I’m inspired with my new 14-lb ball,” the bowler doctor shared. “My old heavy ball is taking its toll on my bowling arm.”

He is a practicing Internal Medicine and Adult Hematologist, who captured the bowler of the year title in 2015.

On the other side, seeded no.3 OJ Lopue secured the second runner-up honor with 193 against seeded no.1 Herman Santos with 173.

In the crossover semi-final round, Gumban defeated Santos by a single digit with a score of 199-185; while Vencer scored 221 to rout Lopue’s 174 output.

Philippine Bowling Congress (PBC) president Engr. Guillermo “Gerry” Mallillin commended the Sugarbowl Tenpin Association, Inc.’s (STAI) bowling program and participated the July 2017 King of Hilit-Hilit Lanes.

The oiling pattern used for the month of August will be Pattern #2 which has a buff area of 44 feet, 30 feet of oil, and has a total volume of 17.50ml. The previous oiling pattern had 20.02ml of oil, buff area of 35 feet and 28 feet of oil.

The qualifying playdates starts today at 8PM.

Top ten qualifiers will play in the Masters Event for a 5-game elimination round on Aug 31. Prizes are up to Top five but only the Top four will advance to the Shoot-Out Finale.

This season’s TMC is organized by the officers of STAI played every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8PM.

For more info, contact Ms Grace at 034-433-5288 or visit the bowling center office at level 2, Lopue’s East Centre Annex.* (James G. Toga)