Army to Extend Financial Aid to Slain Tanod

For having displayed bravery and defending his community from the NPA terrorists, Maj. Gen. Jon Aying, commander, 3rd Infantry Division, Philippine Army stationed at Camp Jaena, Jamindan, Capiz, pledged P20,000.00 financial support to the family of the late Barangay Tanod Romeo Cabalong, 53, of Brgy. Lampaya, Leon, Iloilo. He suffered multiple wounds in a firefight against the NPA terrorists when he and his companions tried to stop the entry to their community in June 20. Tanod Cabalong was hit on the shoulder that ran to his spinal cord and to his lungs that caused his death in July 15, 2017.

Capt. Eduardo Precioso, Jr, Chief, 3rd Division Public Affairs Office (DPAO) quoted MG Aying: “The act of Barangay Tanod Romeo Cabalong was made beyond the call of duty thus exemplifying his heroism and patriotism. Nowadays, we seldom see people like Tanod Cabalong whose love for community and country has become a way of life. His immeasurable sacrifice may bring enlightenment to the people of Leon in particular, as well as to the people of Iloilo, that the NPAs are nothing but terrorists, bandits, and human rights violators. They are terrorists since they bring havoc and cause fear in the hearts and minds of the community particularly to the defenseless and helpless civilians who had lived peacefully before their coming.”

Aying further said, the NPAs don’t believe in the law of the land that governs the people who live peacefully and progressively, thus, making them bandits.

NPA members being thieves and human rights violators are known to everybody. They are infamous for their extortion activities, threatening people in exchange for money, ransacking, arson, murder of innocent civilians and persons in authority alike, massacres, bombings and doing other terroristic activities that hamper peace and development especially in the far-flung barangays.

Thus, Aying is appealing to the communities to be vigilant against the NPA bandits-terrorists in order to protect their families and loved ones. Aying also challenged everyone, “Kung may karapatan, ipaglaban natin, hanggang kamatayan! Mabuhay ka Barangay Tanod Romeo Cabalong! Mabuhay ang Barangay Lampaya, Leon, Iloilo!”*(EBC)