Cane Points: Paner's HFCS Victory Spelled Her Demise?

Ormoc City's Hermie Serafica, the planters representative to the Sugar Board, was reportedly appointed by President Duterte as the next Sugar Regulatory Administrator.

The Sugar Alliance of the Philippines originally recommended its spokesman, Atty. Dino Yulo, to fill the post vacated by Atty. Anna Rosario Paner with her resignation two weeks ago. Sugar leaders manifested that they would also be happy even if it is Hermie, the recommendee of Agri Sec Manny Pi?ol and Sen. Migz Zubiri, who would be appointed.

Feature: The Newsboy Who Became Newspaper Exec (Last of 2 Parts)

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Philippine delegate Pert Toga (R) to the 2-month study grant sponsored by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) with nine other grantees from different nations in front of the ASNE headquarters in Virginia, USA in 1988. Fourth from left is project coordinator Diana Reynolds.*

The unheralded story of how Pert Toga contributed immensely to realize the lifetime dream of its founders converting the weekly Negros Bulletin into what is now the Negros Daily Bulletin could never be complete without acknowledging the undivided support and solid-rock commitment to each other among the triumvirate of the late Lino V. Moles and Santi S. Alacapa towards their able assistant, Pert Toga whose rare talent and unquestioned loyalty became the bedrock of their common project-the Negros Bulletin, which, after 34 years become a daily paper.