NDB Still Young at 54

Success cannot be won at any price, nor can it be measured by the number of trophies or medals that can be accumulated at any given time. It can only be perceived by one’s feeling of satisfaction and of achievement. Success to one may not necessarily be success to another. It all depends upon the beholder and one’s measure of his own adequacy or personal accomplishment.

Negros Daily Bulletin is 54 years old this year, which may be considered matured to be one’s father, but young enough to be the son of an 80-year-old. So let’s just say, NDB is not so young anymore, but not so old either, just being matured and responsible enough. Having survived those rough and difficult years of its existence can easily qualify it among the more experienced (read it, old) publications in the city.

Definitely, NDB has gained so much experiences in the task of informing its readers, in the field of community journalism, in the print media as a whole, and in the rough and tumble game of surviving in the midst of economic reversal sans capital backing from some big-time financial wizards. It’s purely a labor of love, a product of sheer guts and desire to prevail against all odds. Can you beat that?

Be that as it may, the paper has survived for the past 54 years and that in itself is a record of sorts. An achievement of no mean feat. Success, in so far as its aging advocates are concerned, you cannot call it any other name, it seems.

But how did it manage to stay afloat? Well, credit that to the independence of mind, pioneering spirit and perseverance of its founders who just kept plodding on with no hidden agenda of their own, except the desire to be of service through the printed page in so far as information dissemination is concerned - no more, no less.

Want to know more about this 54-year-old paper? Refer to the NDB Trivia somewhere in this special edition. It can provide you with some vital facts about this vigilant daily paper. For its own staff, knowing more about the paper’s past can enrich their knowledge and help them chart their own course of action for the future as they confront the rough roads ahead. It’s an uphill climb yet, but it’s worth all the trouble. And the more challenging it is, the more exciting it becomes and therefore, worth trying. It is a source of pride and satisfaction for the pioneers of this publication, that in a little more than 54 years of existence, it has managed to acquire its own printing press, complete with printing equipment now worth almost P5M, starting with just a few thousand pesos, to what it is today, a multi-million peso entity and still growing, hopefully. A few years ago also marked its entry into the world of color printing. Today, your daily paper comes out in living color.

Its present location at Door A-1 Esteban-Magdalena Building, Hernaez Street, Bacolod City, is considered good fortune since it has become closer to its clients and easier for readers, advertisers and friends to contact and visit anytime of the day or night, considering that its printing personnel and reportorial staff work almost 24 hours a day. The Negros Bulletin Publications, Inc. guided by its executive officers and headed by the President and Editor-in-Chief, is giving emphasis on its quality printing to better serve its readers, advertisers and clients.*